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Fashionista NOW: Karma Circle Bracelets Fashion Inspiration

Karma Circle Bracelets Fashion Inspiration

Our jewelry trend highlight today falls on minimalist bracelets with dainty circle pendants. Find out why we love the delicate round circle shape and the meanings associated with the circle as a symbol.

If there’s a mood that permeates the jewelry style we love, it’s of the minimalist dainty kind! I know, I know – there are tons to choose from.

So, allow us to help you narrow down the focus onto bracelets carrying the shape of a lone circle also referred to as the karma circle bracelets. With simple and dainty bracelets, like necklaces and rings, there is a spacious room for layering.

To understand the symbolism behind the circle and ogle my favorite picks, scroll on below.

7 Karma Circle Bracelets To Decorate Your Wrist With NOW:


HLcollection | dainty karma gold circle bracelet

When one think of the modern idea of karma, one can’t help but to think in terms of what goes around, comes around. The circle, in this case, ties back to this notion that it all comes right down to the intention and actions of the individual and how it affects his/her life. Good thoughts breed good action while bad ones fuel negative actions.


keolohajewelry | delicate gold eternity circle bracelet

A circle also signifies the completeness, inclusion, heaven and eternity. It is a transcendental symbol that is not contained only in the abstract. It reflects real world phenomenon – the earth is round as is the sun and other planets. Roundness is seen in the shape of cells and the ovum that the human being is constructed from.


1001bijoux | gold circle adjustable cord bracelet

The mandala, translated from Sanskrit is a ‘magic circle’. The act of drawing circles, according to Carl Jung expresses an intuitive need to move towards completeness/wholeness.


SincerelyDelightful | gold circle bracelet with double chain

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Because of its abundance in the natural world, the circle is one of the most common and universal signs, found in all cultures.


applelatte | gold or silver plated simple circle bracelet

Since the circle is devoid of a beginning/end and divisions, it is the perfect symbol for heaven, eternity and the concept of the soul.


SeaAndCake | hammered gold circle bracelet

Carl Jung viewed the circle as a geometric archetype of the psyche.


JasmineLaneboutique | minimalist hammered gold circle bracelet

The Celtics view circles as protective emblems while in Chinese symbology, the circle refers to the shape of heaven. All in all, we keep circling back to the circle being an awesome symbol!

What do you think of the karma circle bracelets shown here? Do you like any of it? Share your fave(s) below!

“The ancient Greeks noticed that a man with arms and legs extended described a circle, with his navel as the center.”Stephen Gardiner

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