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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Jacquard Baju Melayu Style For Raya 2018 Fashion For Guys

Fashionista NOW: Jacquard Baju Melayu Style For Raya 2018 Fashion For Guys

Jacquard Baju Melayu Style For Raya 2018 Fashion For Guys

Stop everything because there is a coordinated baju melayu modern for you right now.

Guys, I sense that you have just started your baju raya hunting half-heartedly and have not a single clue about what to wear because you just want to wear tees and jeans and eat. It’s alright. You are here now. I’m going to help you by directing you to this 3-piece coordinated set that is the modern take of the traditional baju melayu and you will love it as long as you have nothing against wearing florals because hey, it is 2018 plus flowers are for everyone.

Anyway, fashion can be a fun way of expressing yourself and for guys who are starting their last minute shopping for baju Raya spree, or ladies who are doing the shopping for them, let me help you out because I just spotted a baju melayu set with a sampin that may just perk your interest.

Although the baju melayu comes in a general solid tone, the jacquard details in floral motif decorating the collared neckline, upper chest pocket and the sampin create a strong contrasting visual interest enough to turn plenty of heads. If you have a love for floral prints as a strong accent in an otherwise muted baju melayu, then you ought to wear this show-stopping festive ensemble to showcase your physique after a whole month of fasting and hopefully exercising!

The coordinated floral jacquard sampin makes the baju melayu fun and when else to wear it than when you are having fun.


Black Jacquard Baju Melayu Set


| shop here


Pink Jacquard Baju Melayu Set


| shop here


Green Jacquard Baju Melayu Set


| shop here


What do you think of this modern baju melayu style? which one would you wear? Share below. I’d love to know.


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