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Fashionista NOW: Indian Jhumka Earring Styles To Wear During Diwali 2016

Indian Jhumka Earring Styles To Wear During Diwali 2016

Gorgeous jhumka earrings to wear with your festive and casual outfits.

I’ve always been fascinated with these traditional Indian drop earrings that come by aplenty whenever there are jewelry booths set up in time for Deepavali here in Malaysia. And boy, do they come at a good deal too! If you must know, I’m actually not a big fan of dangly earrings but somehow the bell-shaped jhumka earrings have managed to grab my attention.

I personally find them different even though they are of the drop and dangle type. Perhaps, because they come in various lengths that I’ve chosen the kinds that are not too long in length or large, that I’ve come to love wearing them even casually when my outfit is utterly boring, just because I like the way it quietly jiggles to my eardrums. Of course, there’s the immediate effect of uplifting a casual outfit with its ornamental presence that a simple stud earring won’t do.

The beautiful jhumka earrings are diverse in designs but the ones that I feel complement not only a Diwali party outfit but your more humbly relaxed daily ensembles are rendered in simple gold, silver or antique finish with perhaps a few colors mixed in through the use of semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals.

For those of you looking to flavor your outfit with a distinct Indian vibe, then I would highly suggest picking out a pair of jhumka earrings of your desire from the list down below.



Antique Two Tone Embossed Jhumka Earrings


| ManoramasJewellery


Classic Jhumka Earrings With Semi Precious Stones


| Mehtaphor


South Indian Style Jhumka Earrings


| ShopThreee


Tiered Gold Jhumka Earrings


| ShopThreee


Statement Indian Jhumka Earrings


| CraftIndiaInc


Gold Jhumka Hoop Earrings


| ShopThreee


Yellow Silk Thread Jhumka Earrings


| IndiaTradition


Which jhumka earrings would you want to decorate your lobes with? Share below – I’d love to know!

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