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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear The Wrap Choker Trend With Various Outfit Styles?

Attention: Everybody and your grandma might be wearing this choker trend right now. I’ve seen it left and right, up and down and when my eyeballs are shut.

This year, the choker takes on many faces and all of them are FRESH and ever so on trend. A plain necklace won’t do when you wanna edge up a look that will for sure be beyond sharp when it involves the right choker style. The one you and I have been spotting practically everywhere is the wraparound kind. It involves wrapping around your neck loosely into layers and tying into a ribbon or left untied according to your mood. I like this look for some reason I can’t exactly pinpoint why but yeah, it’s like a ribbon choker only that it’s more haphazard, rules-out-of-the-door kind of a neckpiece.

It started in the 90s and is on fire now fueled by some celeb (of course!) but one creative lass wore a shoelace as a choker that made into news with one headline announcing that because of this, The Internet Can’t Cope. Really, though. I eyeballed so much but please, can somebody tell me if anyone’s losing their sanity over this if ever at all? LOL. Sometimes, reading headlines gives my eyeballs a necessary workout.

Anyway, if for some reason you have missed this choker trend or have zero cares about it or that you need a boost in the form of cute fashionistas wearing the wrap style choker trend around their necks with various outfits to get you pumped up to try it yourself, then sit back and relax, scroll away and enjoy!

Are you into chokers? Have you worn this wrap style neck accessory? What other choker trends are you into? Share below – I’d love to know!

Psst…remember those orphaned shoelaces you don’t know what to do with anymore? Instant chokers! No need to splurge!

Things do not change; we change.Henry David Thoreau

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