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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear White Sneakers Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Eda Semana

White sneakers aren’t just for highschoolers and the gym-goers. Find out how you can wear them out and about, day or night.

White sneakers just like white jeans seem to inspire a certain unexplained paranoia that has to do with me spilling things all over them but ironically, I am actually far from clumsy. After spotting these white sneakers on a variety of looks worn by fashion bloggers all across the globe, I am convinced that I can pull them off too.

The very last time I’ve ever worn shoes that were somewhat white was during pre-uni years when I was compelled to run around for sports. Though I am far from being the sporty type of person, I do enjoy spending time goofing about outdoors and often thought that white sneakers simply are the worse of choice for when there is a lot of dragging of feet across grass and soil is involved.

Why can’t it be black/brown/navy/green sneakers? The majority of schools here in Malaysia make it compulsory for uniforms to stick to a color scheme of mostly white and the shoes too must be white unless you’re a prefect. You can get reprimanded for wearing shoes that are not up to the standard of clean-white.

Coming back into the subject of fashion; since wearing sneakers is considered not only appropriate but trendy enough to be worn with a myriad of outfits ranging from the slouchiest casual wear to the dressiest of ensembles worthy to be donned for events and even some workplace, I present to you a list of fashionable looks where the white sneakers make for the perfect go-to footwear when all else fails.

How To Welcome Back The White Sneakers Into Your Wardrobe:

| Oriane Adjibi

| Alexandra and Alice

| Alessandra Mazzini

| Silvia Rodriguez

| Claire De Lune Wild Rose

| Paz Halabi Rodriguez

| Marie J.

| Carolina González Toledo

| Sunny Hope

Find our list of affordable yet stylish WHITE SNEAKERS of various styles that you can SHOP ONLINE HERE!

Do you wear white sneakers a lot? How do you choose to style them? Share your thoughts below – I love reading them!

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