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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Ripped Jeans That Are Truly Ripped?

Credit | Jehee B.

Long gone are the days of ripped jeans that are merely mildly destroyed with little slits and a vaguely distressed look.

These days, ripped jeans are literally ripped, shredded with proper holes that decorate both legs of the pants, frayed to utter destruction. They are sold that way or can be made in the same compound of your home with scissors, tweezers and a whole load of creative anger.

That said, the ripped jeans witnessed in 2016 have undergone quite a transformation that made the distressed denim of yesteryears a rather tame breed of denim staple. These days, you’ve gotta think twice whether to call them ripped or, destroyed for style purposes so as to avoid the confusion when talking to certain people as not everyone can agree on the default level of a denim that is ripped.

Jeans with holes and stray denim threads would be more accurate but anyway — they can carry a certain rebellious appeal if strategic holes on your pants fill you up with a desire to make them part of your wardrobe because well, you trust in your sense of style.

Check out belowe some of the ways lookbookers are wearing their truly ripped jeans if you’re wondering how in the world these can be pulled off.

How To Wear TRULY ripped Jeans?

| Vanessa Kandzia

| Miriam Mibao

| Jacky

| Kimi Peri

| Marina Senina

| Alba Granda

What are your thoughts on this ripped jeans trend? Would you wear it? Share below – I’d love to know!

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