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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Sheer Embroidered Floral Dresses?

Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Sheer Embroidered Floral Dresses?

Credit | Diyora Beta

For when one-dimensional floral print is simply not enough.

Ladies, if a floral print dress feels too predictable and you want something textural and visually-popping, the sheer embroidered floral dress trend is one you ought to consider.

I’ve seen this sheer embroidery look off and on and well, never quite got into it as I remember wearing embroidery back in the olden days and the look was far from cute, in my head now. However, with the more polished interpretations of the current embroidery fashion trend, there’s a look about it that spells effortless bohemian. With the sheer embroidered frocks style bloggers have been spotted wearing, they seem to exude a garden fairy look that easily blends with real flowers.

If you consider yourself a fan of textural twists within your OOTD who also love a bit of transparency for that visual tease, then I will say that dresses with sheer embroidery could be right up your alley. With dipping temps, the dress can worn over something heat-trapping.

To take a look at how fashion bloggers everywhere are wearing the embroidered dress trend, scroll on away and enjoy.

Which sheer embroidered dress is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Eventually it will become quiet enough so that you can simply watch the heart begin to react, and let go before the mind starts. At some point in the journey it all becomes heart, not mind. … The mind doesn’t even get a
chance to start up because you let go at the heart level.”
Michael Singer

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