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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear The Flare Jeans Style In 2016?

It’s the return of the flare jeans: Would you wear them? Find out how the street fashionistas are wearing their flare jeans style in 2016.

The flare jeans were the kind of jeans I wore in the early 2000s and I remember how cool it was to slip into a pair that hugged the right places and flared somewhere starting from below the knee. For my shape, they were delightfully elongating. I stopped wearing them after the skinny jeans take-over and though I did put them on once in the rare while, I could feel the love receding.

Until this year, that is. I started wearing an old pair ( this is why I love jeans – they just age so well ) after I lost some weight. I don’t know how long these particular jeans have been hibernating in my closet but I can’t believe I’m feeling the flared look now in 2016!

Elsewhere, you might have heard about the denim trend poised to take over which involves a raw high-low hemline. I’ll write about this soon as for now the attention is on the flares. On Lookbook, the flare jeans, whether long or cropped aren’t as popular as the skinny ripped jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans and the high-waisted kinds and that is alright as their low-key-ness add to the appeal. Plus, if they look good on you, why not, right?

Let’s look at how the street fashion people are wearing their flare jeans in 2016 now, shall we?

How Flare Jeans Are Worn In 2016

| Cherry Mui

| Camille

| Jillian Lansky

| Yuka I.

| Miu PHAM

| Gabrielle L.

Which look makes you want to slip into a pair of flared denim jeans? Share below – I’d love to know!

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