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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Faux Leather In Tropical Malaysia?

How To Wear Faux Leather In Tropical Malaysia?

The Malaysian weather isn’t leather-friendly but if you must wear it to unleash your inner minimalist dominatrix, this post is for you.

As it pours here over in tropical Malaysia and the temps go down for a bit, one gets to experience a kind of chill that invites layering, and the sudden urge to wear something not really worn here that often unless you’re a biker who roams the highway late at night. It is leather, the fake one, that is.

Faux leather can be inviting especially when it’s shiny and beautifully textured. And if a leather jacket is a bit much, why not opt for a fun top with leather accents, leggings with leather paneling or faux leather skirts? These are all not meant to be worn all at once unless you’re aiming to look like a hardcore dominatrix, as a pop of leather in any one piece styled together with the usual suspects from your closet is enough to inject a little edgy excitement into your getup.

At least, that’s how I see it because you really don’t want to be stuck somewhere that is without air-conditioning in full leather attire because this is Malaysia after all. I also read somewhere that rain, drippy salty sweat and genuine leather are not at all besties. So, faux leather it is and in a restrained amount, is all we need, to bring a little something to the dressing game.

For you ladies who are aiming to include a dose of leather as an added accent to your wardrobe, here are a list of little faux leathery items for a start that can help spice up your outfit while insulating you just enough from the temporary mildly cold weather we have now. Enjoy!


Fun fact about me: High heels and I aren’t besties at all. I can appreciate them on others but my wide feet repel them so! These, though, are my new favorite sandals!

Which look do you like best? How do you wear pops of leather? Share below, why don’t you?

The hallmark of courage in our age of conformity is the capacity to stand on one’s own convictions – not obstinately or defiantly. — Rollo May

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