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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Shades Of Brown And Black Together?

How To Wear Shades Of Brown And Black Together?

I show you how I personally wear shades of brown and black in a simple everyday outfit.

I’ve always wanted to throw on a brown and black color combo in an outfit and I got to do it a few weeks back! I wouldn’t say it is a through-and-through casual (for my taste) but it’s mostly a semi casual wardrobe styling. The statement piece of my look is the crochet tunic top that has side slits which I received from Zaful. I was unsure how the fabric would turn out but the moment I slipped it on, I just loved the way it was soft on my skin. My mom who was observing me at the time said she wanted the top herself! That was how attractive this top was — thanks to its relaxed construction, peek-a-boo effects and a fun rounded hem style.

I also liked the brown of the top goes with my brown skin tone. But obviously, you can be any color to rock this color. I finished off with these peek-a-boo shoes that have a slight lift. Even though I rave on and on about flats, a slight elevation in the shoe department is alright. I carried my studded sling bag which I got from ZALORA Malaysia that I’ve worn many times for ages it’s fraying. The pencil skirt I borrowed from my mom’s wardrobe. I don’t usually care for pencil skirts but this one was uber soft, I just love that it stretches while I move around, not so ladylike.



Here I was flapping about in this cute top. If you don’t fancy this top style in particular, Zaful has other various trendy yet affordable top selection that you can eyeball.


I felt like grinning and so I did.


I just adore the top as it’s oh so breezy, perfect for the tropical humidity we’re blessed to have here even though some days it can be the cause of sudden bouts of temper.


Showing the back of my crochet top looking like I’m going to cross the road but not really.



Do you like how I style my shades of brown and black together? Share your thoughts – I’d love to know!

“All paths are the same, leading nowhere. Therefore, pick a path with heart!”Carlos Castaneda

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