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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Breezy Shirtdresses This Summer?

Credit | Nana Libra

It’s hot but you don’t want to wear a girly dress. The shirtdress is your perfect go-to.

Ever since shirtdresses came under the spotlight last year, it’s fast become one of those dress trends you just want to wear and keep seeing worn by other fashionistas come the hotter stretch of the year, which is the case here in sunny old Malaysia. The shirtdress isn’t like a sundress in the way that the latter might make you feel a little more feminine than usual because of the silhouette and the shirtdress has this I-stole-it-from-a-wardrobe-of-a-male-member-of-the-house vibe which makes it a little bit more gender-bending which you can’t say for other kinds of dresses.

So this summer, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the enthusiastic pouring of perspiration that is made worse with killer humidity but don’t necessarily want to wear a girly kind of dress, I highly recommend giving shirtdresses a go. They come in varying lengths and if you worry about losing your figure in the fabric, you can always define your waistline with a skinny belt or a sash or you can simply opt for shirtdresses that are designed cinched just so at the waist or those that come with a detachable sash/ribbon!

With a variety to choose from, let’s just see how the fashion-savvy are currently wearing theirs below so you might get an idea or two.

Looking for a shirtdress? Check out these SHIRTDRESS STYLES you can SHOP RIGHT NOW!

Will you be wearing shirtdresses this summer, ladies? What shirtdress style would you go for? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Good fashion for me is like rock ‘n’ roll – there’s always a little rebellion in it.”Ann Demeulemeester

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