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Fashionista NOW: How To Toughen Up Your Tulle Skirt Or Dress?

Fashionista NOW: How To Toughen Up Your Tulle Skirt Or Dress?

Credit | Patricia G.

Got a thing for tulle skirts and dresses? Edge them up with these styling tips so you can wear them casually.

Love the mix and match style of blending feminine and masculine elements? Find out how you can do that with your dreamy and floaty tulle skirt and dress too.

I think I’ve said it far too many times but there’s something about the intermix of the yin and yang of fashion elements that make quite an eye-catching wardrobe.

With something as princess-y and ethereal as tulle, whether in the form of a skirt or dress, you can drape a leather or faux leather outerwear that screams edge or something sporty like a varsity jacket or more utilitarian like a camo or bomber jacket. The reason why you’re opting for these kinds of outerwear? They anchor down the tulle’s dreaminess.

The choice of top can be as casual as you want to offset the tulle’s dressy impact.

And then there’s shoes. You can already picture it yourself, a worn-out pair of sneakers, casual loafers, ankle boots or in other words, any shoe type that says you’re ready for a run and you will not trip while in them.

To get a visual look of how you can maximize the more masculine/androgynous style elements when you’re wearing tulle, scroll away and enjoy!

Which look captures how you’d personally style your tulle? Share below – I’d love to know!

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