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Fashionista NOW: How To Style Your Black And White Grid Print Pants?

Credit | Kaj Lydia

Got yourself a pair of grid print pants and you need ideas on styling it? Brilliant! You’re in the right space at the right time!

Grid print has a special place in the minimalist wardrobe. Much like stripes and tartan, the print is fantastically easy to wear and makes a superb candidate for a print-on-print type of outfit styling.

I’ve written about grid prints twice before and the easy-on-the-eye print remains a favorite although I’ve yet to own a single print of this kind. I love seeing them on fashion/style bloggers and most certainly enjoy the million various ways that a black and white grid print can be worn.

I’ve been thinking of late how the style that I’m most into right now seems to have gradually came to be what it is with major influence from the way certain style bloggers choose to dress themselves.

Before the internet played any major role in my life, I wasn’t a reader of fashion magazines and was a very late-wearer of makeup (I still wear very minimal makeup, my go-to fix for any dry patch is still the trusted coconut oil!). To be honest, it was only within these few years (maybe two) that I started to really look closely at the trends in fashion and pick and choose the ones I could see myself wearing.

It’s funny how something I knew absolutely nothing about or cared for has now taken over the way I view a wardrobe choice of a stranger.

Not as a snob mind you because I don’t roll like that, but as someone who finally sees the little things that a person takes into account when they coordinate their outfit for the day and the look they are going for. Combine this very trivial act of dressing that we all do daily, with unique individual personalities we’re all blessed with, I finally see that the choice of clothing does actually reveal something about themselves.

And right now, if my outfit tells you something about me, it says I don’t want to be confined in strict structured lines. I love fluidity and flow but at the same time, I can and will appreciate the presence of an abstract print as long as it sits on a comfortable fabric rendered in shapes that drape gently over the body. I shall not be confined, it screams!

Okay, back to the subject at hand: Let us just find out how in the world should we style the much adored grid print pants in black and white that we’ve finally brought into our collective closets and make them interesting to look at while keeping it on the low, low.

With A Grey Knit Top + Royal Blue Heels

| Lilly Beltran

With All Black Everything + Peek Of Chain Metal From The Bag

| Theresa O.

With A White Top, Black Ankle Boots + Bold Eye Brows

| Amelia Goldie

With Black & White Everything + Total Black Sandals

| Anne McLayne

Through A Black & White Jumpsuit (so you don’t have to think about the top) + Black & White Shoes

| Steph So

With A Grid Print Top (That Has More White Spaces) + Black Bag + Black Boots

| Meris Canis Lupus

With A Grid Print Top (That Has More White) + White Long Coat + Black Strappy Heeled Sandals

| Pilleriin HFS

Another Print On Print Outfit Style + White Bag + Silver Metallic Shoes

| Eva P. Dorothy

And Another Grid On Grid Look So Pretty, It Tickles Your Eyes

| Diana Z. Wang

Fun fact about me: I think it is a privilege to be alive in a world where work endeavors and all sorts of creative collaborations can take place across national borders. It’s easy to take things for granted because it’s always there but I remind myself of this fact daily and realize how awesome this is! I hope you do too.

“Unclose your mind. You are not a prisoner. You are a bird in fight, searching the skies for dreams.”Haruki Murakami

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