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Fashionista NOW: How To Style Black Blazer On The Go?

With the Internet at our disposal, work and play seem to have converged and that while remote workers can be clad in their days-old house clothing while dashing against the deadline, there are also days when looking presentable for a business-y meeting is needed.

If your work allows you a certain relaxed approach to dressing but not to the point of totally giving up and looking like a chronic slob that we are all quite naturally are, then you need to take out all of those black blazers left hanging in the back of your closet, dust them off, give them some needed ironing and arrange them neatly in a ready-to-layer on the go corner because they can be thrown over whatever it is you’re wearing as long as it doesn’t give off a funky scent.

Without further ado, learn how these fashionistas work their black blazers in a way that strikes a balance between being fashionable and ready-to-hustle. Enjoy!

Dig Out Your Black Blazers & Use Them To Their Maximum Capabilities — Here’s HOW:

| Angela Lee

The layering of a structured blazed over a slouchy tank or tee is one of the most interesting combos ever and it remains quite an eye-catching contrast as it tells us the wearer is on the go and practical and that work can be accomplished no matter what is worn underneath the blazer. Pointy heels help to sharpen up an otherwise relaxed number.

| Kimberly Kong

Imagine the look minus the blazer and you’ll immediately see that the structured outerwear elevates it and isn’t just made for toiling away in the office. Worn with the off-duty kind of outfit, it shows that there is a balance between business and play that can be strike while looking effortlessly smart. Even the furry one is happy!

| Midheta Agic

Wear your oversized black blazer on top of a comfy casual getup made of a striped tee, white cuffed trousers and loafers. Nothing dresses up the most laidback of outfits in an instant than a trusty blazer jacket, right?

| Jenny C.

Top off your cozy brown knit with a a blazer for added warmth and structure. Pants and shoes are kept in black while the brown bucket bag that complements the knit top brings a balance to this comfy look. A piece of necklace helps to elongate the silhouette.

| Nelli F.

An oversized black blazer thrown over a casual top and shorts combo is one of the ways the blazer can be used to add structure and length into a leggy ensemble. Pointy strappy black and white mules smarten up this modern outfit iteration.

| Valerie Kimberlee

Don’t you love popping on a blazer over a completely relaxed pairing of tank and shorts and see how it transforms? I know I do! Don’t forget to accessorize discerningly. The chosen strappy sandals and roomy structured tote complete this easy breezy on-the-go look.

| Nike

An almost all-black number, this seemingly all-business outfit teases us with the use of casual white loafers and a statement neckpiece that help to urbanize the semi-formal attire. It is smart without looking predictable, isn’t it?

| Liana

Stick with the classic staples. Layer your blazer over a blouse and jeans combo for a quick chic effect and give your pout a touch of red.

| Mariya Marinova

The striped pencil skirt opens and breaks up the visual field in an otherwise total-black getup. The blazer sleeves are strategically cuffed giving the look a more laidback vibe.

Fun fact about me: I am not a fan of heights. When I was about 11 or 12, I climbed up to the highest level of a school building which was only three(!) and instead of concrete walls, they are made of spaced out steel rods, I had to crawl back down while shaking and stifling a cry. I hope no one saw me because I might have looked like I was possessed.

By the way: Which of the blazer outfit idea do you like best? How would you style your own black blazer so that you hit just the right sweet spot of style and professionalism? Share below – We all want to know!

“We cannot all hope to combine the pleasing qualities of good looks, brains, and eloquence.”Homer

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