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Fashionista NOW: How To Style A Striking RED Sweater?

Warming up your OOTD with a bold red sweater is that easy!

Is it already chilly where you are? Warm your OOTD up with a pop of striking red via sweaters. The color red is visually-attractive and if a pick-me-up is you desire when temps drop and you miss the sunshine, a red sweater can well be the remedy plus with all that cozy knit wrapped up around your upper torso, it will feel like you’re still underneath your blanket.

I find red tops in general pretty easy to dress down casually as you know you can pair them up with denim bottoms, whether they are pants, skirts or shorts. Then, there’s that slip dress over a sweater style rendition that you can wear as it remains one of the most trendy looks. And layering your summer slip dress over a heavy top is a way to express that even though the Autumn is lurking or right in your face, you still want to hold on to the remaining bit of warmth before everything gets frozen.

My exaggeration aside, I hope you will enjoy looking through the various ways the street style savvy ladies from across the globe are wearing their red sweaters. May you also get inspired by the diverse red sweater styles!


Which red sweater OOTD is your cup of tea? Share below – I’d love to know!

“I learned that when we can be absolutely present like this, our mind, body and spirit become integrated and we are fully conscious, energised, peaceful, alive, at one with the true essence of what it is to be ourselves. In that moment, we can relate with compassion to those around us and to ourselves. It is when what we have satisfies us, and when what we don’t have doesn’t matter.” Pam Billinge

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