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Fashionista NOW: How To Slay It In A Pink Coat Like A Style Blogger?

Pink coats sweeten up a cold weather look like no other and if you’re a fan of cotton candy pastel color hues, then who’s stopping you from jumping into this hot outerwear trend bandwagon?

The softest pink coat has an aura of coziness about it that cannot be denied and what better way than to take advantage of it as you amp up your layering style game in a coat style of this color. You may pick a shade of pink you prefer and a cut that you find most flattering.

But what about the outfit type to wear with such a cool coat, you wonder?

Well, you can keep it mad casual by topping it over a tee and jeans type of outfit, layer over a feminine combo of a blouse and skirt worn with over-the-knee boots or strategically pair it with an outfit that has the athleisure vibe in it which is my top favorite. But of course, there are other outfit combinations you can come up with too especially when you get creative and apply your own unique spin so never forget that.

To help you visualize the ways that style bloggers wear their pretty pink coat, you know the drill, go on and eyeball away and enjoy!

Which pink coat outfit style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know.

“The problem with us is, if we are growing a garden, we are always trying to focus on the flower and the fruit. It is not the flower and the fruit that you should focus on; it is the root that you need to focus on. Rather than nurturing the roots, you are constantly seeking the flower and fruit. You do not have to sit there and pray for flowers and fruits. If you nurture the root, the flowers will anyway fall on your head, even if you do not look for them. The flower and fruit will not come if you do not nurture the roots. You can only dream about it. But if you nurture the root, flowers and fruits will anyway happen. That is so with the garden, and that is so with your life.”Sadhguru

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