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FASHIONISTA NOW: How To Simplify Your Daily Dressing Style Strategy?

Credit | Angelene Sun

There are days when coordinating an outfit for the day feels like solving a mathematical equation. Find out how to simplify your dressing strategy with this simple tip!

I am the type of person who can get overwhelmed when faced by too many choices. In the context of dressing and styling my wardrobe, there are days where I can get stuck staring at a bunch of patterned pieces that just don’t go together. On days when dressing comes off as challenging, I find that keeping it simple is the most important thing so you know, I can proceed with other things that we humans do besides worrying about what to wear. Geez, first world problems much, I know!

The solution is to strip it down to the most basic: Grab any plain black top closest to you within the visual periphery. No need to get further stressed by thinking about the ten million plain black tops you have. Just grab one. Move on!

Now that the black top is in your hands, use it as a starting point and yes, you may breath a sigh of relief. There is only the bottom half to figure out. And there are many ways to go with styling your basic plain black top! It’s amazing how the rest flows quite easily and naturally when I’ve narrowed down the top of choice.

If my legs look presentable minus the visible new hair growth, I’d wear my abstract patterned culottes or slip into my skater skirt that has some tiny little dots on it but that’s only if the sight of my knees isn’t scaring me off that day.

If my legs resemble patches of wild foliage on a dehydrated soil, I’ll resort to wearing mom jeans but if the weather’s being a witch, and trickles of sweat are flowing down parts of my body I’d rather not mention, I’ll slip into a pair of easy breezy flowy cotton harem pants that have black and white prints on them.

Voila! Suddenly, dressing isn’t that hard to do anymore, is it? So ladies and lads, if for some reason that you just don’t know what to wear or are completely overwhelmed by the sight of your wardrobe as it looks like a typhoon just hit it or there could be a Narnia in there, simplify by picking a plain black top that’s most visible to you and taking it from there!

For ideas on how to build the bottom half of your wardrobe and styling it, look to these fashion bees below.

A black top is indeed your best friend!

Which of the looks is your favorite? What other methods do you use to simplify your dressing strategy for the day? Share below – I’d love to know!

Fun fact about me: I love sipping on geranium tea and the scent of a geranium oil aromatherapy.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”Albert Einstein

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