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Fashionista NOW: How To Make A Fuzzy Furry Coat Statement?

Find how to make a statement with faux fur coats. A textural pop can be what your outfit needs as you stay warm and fuzzy this season.

I can’t and refuse to wear the fur of a dead animal on my person because the idea itself is plain gross. Can you imagine wearing leggings made of a dead person’s literal skin from their legs? Yuck, and guess what? That was actually done before and if you don’t believe me – prepare a puke bucket before you read this.

I’ve been thinking of faux furry coats lately after trying out moms’ old coats she’d worn when she was in the U.K. back when I was really tiny. And wow, those coats are really heavy, extremely-insulating, sturdy and truly add extra pounds to the body.

Although she did not wear fuzzy coats in particular, I got to thinking about how I would personally wear a faux fur coat if it started to snow ever or get extremely cold over here in tropical Malaysia, which has been quite chilly for the past week, an annoyingly wet.

And obviously, I had to look to Lookbook, my spot for style-stalking since dinos roamed and found out the various styles and color schemes of faux fur coats I absolutely love and how I’d want to wear them based off the incredibly stylish #OOTDs worn by the fashionistas you will be seeing in a bit.

I’m experiencing the kind of ache one associates with wishful-thinking because no one ever wears fur coats here. Okay, maybe a lightweight fuzzy on would do and unfortunately, I’ve yet to see any that’s appealing.

In the meanwhile, let me just shush now, so you may proceed to enjoy the looks below, shall we?

How To Make A Furry Coat Fashion Statement:

Which of the looks do you fancy the most? What faux fur coat style do you own or wish to have? Drop your thoughts down below – I’ll be reading each one of them and getting back to you!

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