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Fashionista NOW: How To Look Chic In Track Pants?

Credit | Aria

Love the athleisure look? Incorporate track pants into your wardrobe while keeping it chic with these visual style pointers.

I love jogger pants and it’s only predictable that I’m into the track pants trend as well. There was a time when I would not care to wear track pants except for when it’s obligatory that I did in high school to pre-uni days for sports but those days are long and well gone. Now, I’m thinking of track pants in chic ensembles as I love the play of contrasting pieces that may seem at odds with one another but in style department, abandon all rules all that enter here!

The track pants style I’m zooming in with interest has the vertical line(s) at the side, to keep with its signature look. I like the sporty vibe and I think they can be worn casually with a crop top and sneakers or you can opt to dress them up with a feminine blouse and a sleek ankle strap heels.

As always, I trawl my favorite spot for street style outfit ideas in track pants and here’s a list of looks I’m quite fond of. I hope you find them as inspiring. Enjoy!

How To Wear Athletic-Inspired Tracks Pants And Make Them A Fashion Statement?


| Trixie Belle

| Lena Antonacci

| Liuba Basharova

| Rekay Style

| Dani Mikaela McGowan

Which look is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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