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Fashionista NOW: The Healthier Way To Celebrate Your Love For Burgers And Fries

Celebrate your love for the bestest pairing in the fast food world; burger and fries, this Valentine’s Day!

Or, give them to someone so special that you compare them adorably to either fries or burger. And do so in a healthier way, which is via earrings shaped in the source of the modern’s day guilty pleasure. I’ve not been eating burger since forever but fries, I can’t ever say no to.

If offered and my stomach is already full, I am the kind to take the fries home with me so I can eat them later. My love for fries as you can is pretty endless. Cheese burgers were my favorite about a decade back but to rekindle the nostalgic memory of the ever available burgers of my youth, this post caters to both!

You will find below fast-food-inspired earrings that carry fries or burgers exclusively or both so you can let them hang on your ear lobes happily triggering conversations wherever you go.


Vday Jewelry 2017 Suggestion: Fast Food (Burger + Fries) Ear Bling


Burger + Fries Emoji Stud Earrings


| TheFoxyHipster


Burger Cartoon Stud Earrings


| ShopChasingPaper


Glossy French Fries Stud Earrings


| CaramelaHandmade


Wooden Burger Stud Earrings


| BlossomAndBronze


Lightweight French Fries Stud Earrings


| Sscarletts


Mini Cheeseburger Stud Earrings


| BiteMeNot


Smiling French Fries Stud Earrings


| BlueButtonBoho


Statement French Fries Dangle Earrings


| JacobandChloesLLC


Wooden Burger + Fries Earrings


| lesfollesmarquises


Fast Food Stud Earrings


| MySecretCravings


Would you wear earrings with fries/burger only or both? And which fast food earring combo is you favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

PS: This post was made in jest and my love for fries inspired much of it. Excessive consumption of any type of junk food is unkind to your body and mind. Don’t do it!

I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.Maya Angelou

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