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Fashionista NOW: 10 GORGEOUS Green Party Dress Style Ideas From Style Bloggers

Looking for a green dress to party in this Christmas/New Year’s? Then let’s eyeball ten fabulous green dress style ideas as worn by fashion bloggers.

Since RED is a major party color for all kinds of celebration, you may want to turn to a shade of green of your liking just to break from the monotony of red. Wait, who am I kidding, RED is still quite a hot color to be clad in.

But what if you’ve got parties after parties lined up? Surely, another dress in a different color but still is quite Chrismassy in vibe can help. If you’re all about dresses, then I bet you don’t need an excuse at all, right? I’m starting to think so, ever since I brought dresses back into my wardrobe this year.

To help you narrow down a style or a few styles of green dress that will hopefully appeal to your taste buds, kindly eyeball the looks I’ve gathered (which I personally adore!) down below and enjoy!

Which green dress style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know! For retro mint dress style ideas, please check out my previous post on it here.

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1 comment to Fashionista NOW: 10 GORGEOUS Green Party Dress Style Ideas From Style Bloggers

  • Agnes W

    Green is such an under-rated colour, loving the first look, I mean WOW!! Would love to see how your golden bronze hair turned out! PS I went to re-do my purple and my hair dresser accidentally dyed my hair a golden colour too lol…so now my purple is gone and I’m sooo sad about it!

    House of Illusions

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