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Fashionista NOW: Grab A Pair Of Fleeps And Change A Girl’s Life

Grab A Pair Of Fleeps And Change A Girl’s Life

Credit | Fleeps

Summer flip-flops with a social cause we could all be in support of!

Hi folks, being a fan of sandals for life and an advocate for women empowerment, this post, right here is just so right up my alley. And if you’re a fan of flip-flops or slippers as we call them here in Malaysia, Fleeps would strongly appeal.

Introduced by my lovely reader and new friend, Gina who is a fan of sandals herself, I quickly fell in love with the unique strap design of Fleeps sandals. Instead of the usual thong style, the front strap which is adjustable goes across diagonally to hug the four tiny toes, leaving the big toe free.

Call me weird, but I find this particular strap placement rather refreshing. Being a fan of ankle straps, I like that Fleeps carry this style to hold the foot securely in place while retaining a sense of modern aesthetic. These sandals can be worn to the beach or wherever (if you’re quite a sandal lover like me) and with outfits that range from the slouchiest lounge wear to your more structure wardrobe iterations that gladly mixes comfy fashion sense.

So how does the Fleeps sandals help to change a life, you ask? With every pair of Fleeps you purchase, 10% goes to the Fleeps Foundation which provides funding to their non-profit partners with a prime focus on girls’ education.

And why girls’ education, in particular?  Off 110 million children that receive no education globally, approximately 60% of them are GIRLS. By focusing on girls, entire communities benefit – which is one of the key statements from Fleeps that echoes strongly with me.

I believe that an educated girl/woman is an empowered one and so, can make better decisions for herself, and this impacts those around her. Combining a women-empowering cause with these beach-worthy sandals is a highly clever move by Fleeps as we ladies can get to channel our support in helping girls around the world whilst letting our toes hang out stylishly in their delightfully refreshing summer sandals.

These sandals come in a variety of solid colors, priced at USD 38 per pair. The custom sandals where you get to personalize the color of the straps and sole of the sandals are priced at USD 39.99. Be sure to visit their website for more in-depth details on anything you want to know about.

For now, let’s just eyeball, the top 5 solid-colored Fleeps that I’d gladly wear all day everyday and I hope you can see why I get excited about them! Enjoy!


Gold Fleeps Sandals


| grab them + change a girl’s life


Onyx Fleeps Sandals


| grab them + change a girl’s life


Snow Fleeps Sandals


| grab them + change a girl’s life


Sterling Fleeps Sandals


| grab them + change a girl’s life


Super Pink Fleeps Sandals


| grab them + change a girl’s life


Do you like the style of these sandals? Would you wear them? Know any other fashion with a social cause label that deserves a spotlight? Be sure to get in touch (a simple double-tap on my Instagram would do if you’re a busy bee!) Thoughts are also welcome down below – I love hearing from you!

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