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Fashionista NOW: Geometric Cube Necklace Fashion Inspiration

Geometric Cube Necklace Fashion Inspiration

Squares are never this cool when you’re sporting a four-sided polygon inspired bling bling. Draw inspiration from our favorite cube necklace finds!

Geometry threads into the spirit of minimalist jewelry that we all so love this year. For lovers of endless simple architectural shapes, the cube has drawn major inspiration from jewelry makers from across the globe. From simple 2D visual cube constructions to their full-bodied 3D counterparts, it’s apparent that cubes are retaining a lasting impression amongst the creators and the consumers of geometric jewelry.

I personally find the cube stud earrings and open style rings with dainty cube embellishments very refreshingly appealing. Unlike the soft edges of the circle or spheres, cubic style jewelry pushes forward angular sculptures that we tend to shy away from and make them more friendly for wearing in delicate interpretations.

If you are looking for cube-inspired necklaces to wear on its own or used as layering pieces, scour our much loved list below.

Cubic Chic Neck Pieces You Need To Have Right NOW:


mollisjewelry | cube charm gold necklace with cubic zirconia ← SHOP HERE


noramore | laser cut cube geometric necklace ← SHOP HERE


daimblond | lava stone cube geometric necklace ← SHOP HERE


elainebjewelry | solitary 3D cube necklace ← SHOP HERE


saffronandsaege | swarovski crystal cube necklace ← SHOP HERE


roundabout | three tiny gold cubes geometric necklace ← SHOP HERE


SPARKLEFARM | vintage cube necklace ← SHOP HERE

Which cube necklace(s) do you see yourself wearing? Share below – I’d love to know!

“I think the universe is pure geometry – basically, a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time.”Antony Garrett Lisi

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