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Fashionista NOW: 7 Funny Never Tacky Christmas Holiday Sweater Gift Ideas

Why wear the predictably ugly sweaters when there are insanely adorable and funny ones? Find our perfect-for-Christmas holiday sweater favorites!

With December lurking, it’s only natural that all the tacky and ugly sweaters are coming out of the closet and if they’re lacking, trust in a family member to create one from scratch. And because they love you so much, they will be beyond pleased to see you all decked out in a jarringly-colorful sweater made by their very gifted hands! I know, I know – it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Now, if you don’t know how to sew, knit or even turn on the sewing machine to make a Christmassy sweater, my advice is to turn to Etsy because they have tons! And beware, some are just plain disturbing to wear or give to anyone as a gift while sober.

I spent some time trawling the selection of sweaters yesterday and have narrowed down to 7 that I’d totally wear because they are delightfully witty or just plain interesting and thought they’d make such a great gift for the people in your lives who are in need of sweaters that are a laugh and instant conversation-trigger.

Let’s scroll on now, shall we?



lastearth | cat lover christmas sweater

Cat lover alert, come on – how can you NOT feel your heart purr at the sight of this kitty-theme holiday sweater. Note the fish skeleton, cat paws and cat in a santa hat? Best of all? Meowy Christmas! I think that is the cutest slogan and I say this as a person who is quite allergic to anything that comes with a slogan but never cats.



sweetcoolshirts | drake santa hotline christmas sweater

If this sweater did not make you chortle just a little bit and want to do that dorky dance then my bad, but for those who either have mad love for Drake or are into his song Hotline Bling, this sweater is everything. Drake’s dance is forever stuck in my brains just like the beat of this ridiculous song.



GreenTurtleTshirts | emoji christmas sweater

This emoji sweater is a must in the life of the emoji-obsessed. Know anyone in your life you like sharing a poopy emoji with because they get it? Give him or her this emoji-infested sweater!



TeesAndTankYouShop | grumpy cat christmas sweater

The sight of a grumpy cat (or cats in general) puts me in a good mood and this sweater with a grumpy-looking kitty in the middle with its accompanying slogan is the perfect gift to give to someone who’s kind of grumpy by nature except when there are cats.



Threadrock | star wars christmas sweater

Only for the hardcore fans of Star Wars – here’s a sweater they’d be so over the moon with!



BigTimeTeez | zombie christmas sweater

If someone you love is an avid watcher of The Walking Dead who has yet to stop talking/thinking about last Sunday’s episode, spoil the TWD-obsessed with a sweater that features festive stumbling zombies!



skipnwhistle | unicorn christmas sweater

The list ends with a unicorn-themed sweater because who doesn’t love unicorns?

So folks, what do you think of this Christmas sweater gift idea list? Which ones would you so wear? And why? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”Maya Angelou

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