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Fashionista NOW: A Must-Have Batik Inspired Kurung With Asymmetrical High Low Hem Blouse

A Must-Have Batik Inspired Kurung With Asymmetrical High Low Hem Blouse

Stop everything because there’s a cool modern baju kurung iteration in town! I mean, if you’re on a hunt for something along the more traditional but still trendy line in the form of one of Malaysia’s pride, then this is a baju kurung collection to get your hands on INSTANTLY.

When I spotted one from the collection, I literally stopped whatever else I was perusing because I needed to eyeball this baju kurung up-close and wow, I fell in love. I need to have at least 3 out of the 4 that the collection has. FLEURÉ has really blended the best of both worlds, intermixing the traditional and contemporary style components in their batik-inspired baju kurung.

The silhouette itself was what first drew me in as the blouse is designed in a very flattering rounded asymmetrical high-low hem that offers an elongating effect as more of the long skirt is exposed from the front. The batik motif takes on a delightfully floral spin, with the sleeve cuffs and neckline accentuated in the print. The long skirt is partially elasticated and has a zip and hook fastening so you are spared from the ordeal of tying the batik sarong that some of us naturally fail at.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Enjoy FLEURÉ’s mod baju kurung selection below and tell me if you did stop everything else upon browsing through them. Enjoy!


Baju Kurung Modern With Asymmetrical High-Low Hem Blouse


Batik-Inspired Ash Taupe Kurung


| shop here


Batik-Inspired Dreamy Pink Kurung


| shop here


Batik-Inspired Lavender Kurung


| shop here


Batik-Inspired Ocean Blue Kurung


| shop here


Which baju kurung modern is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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