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Fashionista NOW: Factors To Consider Before Getting In A Flatform Shoe Situation

Credit | Leanne A.

Flatform is a tough shoe trend to sport. They are basically flat sandals resting on a thick, raised platform soles. With very little curvature to their footbeds, they appear to be the perfect footwear for flat feet. Keyword: appear.

After getting my first pair online that had a pointy toe box and my feet keep slipping out of the darn thing, I learned that I failed taking my own advice: Just because it looks great on others, it might not translate on my legs.

Also, never buy a new style of shoe you’ve never worn before in your life online. I should have known this but well, I’m only human.

To find out more about the factors you must consider before investing in a pair of flatforms, dive in below.

| Shann V.

It can get clunky really quick. So be sure to opt for a flatform that has a reasonable sole height. You don’t want to look like your feet are chained to a block of concrete.

| Claudia Villanueva

If you’re born with skinny or slender or have worked hard to keep those legs toned, you may just rock the flatform shoe trend. The contrast between the unexpected thick soled shoe and your legs allow you to flaunt your best assets.

| Brittany Xavier

Stay way from flatforms that have totally flat footbeds as it can be tough to flex your feet in those.

| 40 22 City Lights

Last but not least, repeat after me: Never purchase a flatform online unless you’ve tried the shoe trend yourself in real life.

What do you think of the flatform shoe style? Are you a fan? Share your thoughts below – I’d love to read what you think.

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