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Fashionista NOW: Would You Wear Bone Accessories?

Not too long ago, human beings used to wear bones of deceased humans or other animals and hang skulls of enemies up around the home to make a statement that is far more sinister than it was fashionable.

Now, bone reproductions are making their way to cater to the fashion conscious who love themselves a bit of morbid jewelry.

On lookbook, bone accessories are worn as bold statement pieces. The morbid aspect of bones is transformed into something raw and versatile.

A quick search on the keyword ‘bones’ on lookbook brings you to a hidden gem of bone accessories designed and developed by the creative duo, AJ Omandac and Paul Jatayna who are masterminds of the street accessory brand, OS.

For those who find polyurethane bone reproductions a little too macabre for wear, Marc Jacobs’ bone bracelets are a more wearable alternative, should your budget permits.

For those who are happy to stay economical and in style, Tiff Topp, a Malaysian-based online vintage jewelry haven offers some lovely bone bracelet options. And if you have an affinity to the human tooth, they are also selling a little tooth gold bracelet at an appealing price bracket.

Those who want to make an order of bone accessories by OS, please visit Miracle Watts.

Check out the list of bone-rocking fashionistas and tell us if you find bone bling bling an exciting trend.

Cluster of Bones Neclace (OS)

Bone Gang Necklace & Ribcage (OS)

Bone Bowtie Necklace (OS)

Knucle Bone (OS)

Bone Bracelet (Marc Jacobs)

So, would you wear bone accessories? Comment below, please.

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