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Fashionista NOW: What To Wear With Sneakers Fashion Inspiration

Wonder how to style it up when you are wearing sneakers? Here are street-style approved outfits with sneakers.

Sneakers aren’t just for hitting the gym, they are part and parcel of the modern ensemble where even the most casual of footwear get to be sported in statement-making outfit renditions.

Growing up in the 90s, sneakers were considered pretty hot in the high school arena. Cool kids in the Malaysian school scene at the time loved to be seen wearing the latest sneakers usually from Converse and Nike. Though many others opted for other affordable brands, it was evident that sneakers had became an iconic footwear of sorts to the young crowd.

However, wearing sneakers was not yet made the norm for when wearing dressy outfits whether for work or events. In fact, they remained in the realm of the casual and sporty wear embraced by teens and young adults clad in relaxed ensembles fit for working out or hanging out with friends.

Now that the majority of fashion rules have been rendered ancient, there is just too many outfit styles that see sneakers as a relevant footwear of choice. If you’ve got tons of sneakers lying around or are simply wondering what outfit to match with sneakers that will scream rad as opposed to slob, follow the fashion imagery by our favorite lookbookers below:

converse all star sneakers

Make your denim-shorts-and-sneakers combo chic by wearing it with a black and white striped top and a structured mini backpack in black. While you’re at it, protect the crown of you head and bits of your face from the sun with a black floppy hat.

high top sneakers

Skate in style with your favorite sneakers but don’t slouch on top! Wear your obligatory tank top and denim shorts but spice it up with a black and white plaid shirt tied on the waistline. Pop on mirrored sunnies and a snapback for a full-on stylish skater-girl vibe. Don’t forget your skater and skating skills.

white sneakers – Converse

This is 2014, wearing a black party dress with beaten up sneakers is not a faux pas. The contrasting juxtaposition of the laidback sneakers against a dressy short backless frock worn by Christie paints a picture of the modern fashion inclination of mixing antagonistic elements.

white sneakers

Wear your white sneakers proud by injecting them into a darling of a look: white top tucked into a vertically-striped skirt in blue and white with front buttons. Hair up in a bun, lips in charming red, eyes under the shades and a black crossbody bag to finish, Maddy shows how easy it is to dress up even when you’re in sneakers.

black sneakers

Cutout top – Check. Trumpet skirt in acid wash black – Check. Céline tote – Check. Black converse – Check. Amazing hair – Check. A pair of black sneakers blends right easily into the look the way combat boots would except that sneakers are summer’s best for a covered yet breathable footwear option next to canvas shoes.

grey sneakers

Midriff-bare by tying up the ends of your plaid shirt. Slip into blue denim shorts and a pair of grey sneakers and tease the camera! You are now ready for a summer day strolling.

Wonder how else can to make sneakers part of a warm weather attire without sacrificing style? Look below for amazing sets created by talented polyvorers for stylish outfit organizing tips:

Sneakers - Polyvore Contest

gola trainers – Modcloth | creative fashion set – Judy Rwentambo

Sneaker Style

low top sports shoes – Nike


high top white sneakers – Converse

sneakers fashion

I am free whenever

Sneakers contest #1

Are you game to sporting sneakers with various outfits this season? Like any of the looks and outfit options shared here? If so, let us know in the comment section!

“That’s kind of the job of clothes, to get compliments for us because it’s very hard to get compliments based on your human qualities. Lets face it, no matter how nice of a person you are no ones going to come to you and say “hey nice person” it’s much easier to be a bastard and just try & match the colours up.” — Jerry Seinfeld

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