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Fashionista NOW: Wearable Military Style Fashion Inspiration

Military-inspired fashion is all about capturing the essence of designs associated with military clothing worn by warriors and soldiers of the ancient and the modern world. In 2010, we have seen the remix between military and warrior elements which produced the edgy futuristic warrior fashion.

Although women’s military fashion hasn’t been spotted much under the spotlight since last year, I feel that military jackets and shoes will always have a place within the fashion world. And do you want to know why? Well, boasting smart utilitarian designs, fashionable lassies with a penchant for clean cut features on clothing and footwear will find them relevant regardless of whether it’s on trend or not.

Upon scrolling for relevant recent news on this trend, I’ve found out that it was indeed showcased at the New York Fashion Week last February! There you go. Fashion finally goes military (albeit, very covertly) this year!

Below is a selection of fashionistas rocking the military-influenced fashion that’s not only wearable but also pretty rebellious within the fashion context of the year as the military’s trademark murky dark colors and structured details go against the more vibrant color-friendly and whimsical fashion zeitgeist of 2012.










So, do tell: Are you down for some military-inspired fashion? Do you think it’s too soon to dig out your old camouflage pants? While camo pants may be a little bit too soon for me but outerwear with crisp military designs is kind of appealing. What do you think?

“The military is a well-oiled machine and military clothes reflect that. There’s organization and no room for doubt.” – Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire

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