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Fashionista NOW: Vibrant Style Alert ~ Funky Colorful Prints

Colors in your outfits can be just the thing you need to give a positive boost to your mental health. Let’s look at some of the outfit styles that are color-friendly which you can wear whenever you feel like picking yourself up from a monotonous state of mind, when all else fails.

Some folks are color-shy because they view colored outfits as too loud, too in-your-face out there. Some just want to remain practical and safe by wearing only neutral colored garbs. There’s nothing wrong with having a set of color palette preference that you stick by.

But if you find covering yourself with outfits of exclusively safe tones is making you inexplicably tired, there’s a way out of the drab! An enormous variety of clothing style awaits you if you’d just include fun vibrant colors back into your closet.

With a colored printed item such as a blouse with geometric colorful patterns, you can pair it with a neutral skirt or pants for just the correct balance. Instead of color blocking with separate pieces, choose an already color-blocked item like a pair colorful leggings and team it up with a sober-colored top.

Expressing a look with colors is such a delightful way to find out the type of colors that actually work best with your skin tone. Of course, we’re talking about vibrant tones here. So the same colors that may look insanely gorgeous on one person may wash the other person out, making them look exhausted.

According to EveryGuyed, golden and warm skin-toned folks look best in warm vibrant colors; reds, oranges, yellows, camel tones and browns.

Cool colored folks look good in cool colors like blues, greens, purples and pinks.

For a clue on how to carry off funky colorful prints in style, just scroll on down.

May the colors in your outfits lift your spirit out of that hazy stupor. Have fun!

zigzag colorful tank by thrift store

color block leggings by Romwe

dress by Binky Doodles

dress by Market HQ

geometric blouse

stripe top

Do you care for colors in your outfits? Or do you find colorful prints a tad too busy for your liking? Share below!

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