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Fashionista NOW: Unicorn Prints Fashion Inspiration

After a unicorn was spotted on a sweater worn by Sasha Obama, word has spread about its awesomeness. Now, I’ve rounded up some unicorn printed wear for those who want to sport a single-horned mystical creature in their wardrobe.

The unicorns may be loved to bits by some or loathed entirely by others, but on clothes, there’s no point in taking it all too seriously.

Wearers of unicorn printed clothing may be hard core fans of the magical animal but some may choose to wear it for purely abstract reasons. Which also may be a stretch because everyone loves unicorns, apparently!

Plus, there is that epic aura of majesticness surrounding the single spiraled horned white horse-like animal pictured in modern day times. Though I am not a serious fan, I must admit that there’s something about unicorns that seem to inspire hope. Which can be said about a lot of things. So it must be the horn.

Their elusive presence, when so much have been written and spoken about them, seems to echo a humongous subject mankind has been fighting over for the longest time.

Symbolically, the unicorns represent purity and innocence.

In folklore, the unicorn is considered as feisty, untamable and is impossible to hunt for but that would find its way to a virgin maiden by instinct and lay its precious horny head on her precious lap. (If that sounds wrong, blame it on our own naughty thoughts!)

Anyway, unicorn symbolism aside, on to matters of vanity. Scroll on below for unicorn-clad lookbookers which may inspire magic in your wardrobe and hopefully, your life.

unicorn jumper – Drop Dead

unicorn tee – Gossengold

unicorn blouse – Vateno

unicorn top – Nounou

unicorn dress – Lashes Of London

unicorn top – Chicwish

unicorn denim jacket – MerryMeet.Me

So, which of these unicorn printed looks do you love to covet? Any thoughts on why the unicorns get the special treatment when the rhinoceros which is also a single horned animal is left out? Share below!

“The people that see them share some of the unicorn’s traits – they’re lonely…with virtuous hearts.”Ally McBeal

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