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Fashionista NOW: Tribal Maxi Skirts For Hari Raya 2013

Fashion for Raya series present the next Eid-appropriate trend inspiration – Tribal maxi skirts

An eye-catching printed maxi skirt is a statement piece alone. If you’re looking for alternatives to the traditional wear, showcasing tribal prints in your wardrobe to celebrate Eid is one of the many ways to go.

Their easy-going bohemian vibe is suited for ladies with appreciation for contrasting mishmash of patterns and colors.

For a look on how to wear the tribal maxi skirts just in time for Eid, please do scroll down.

thrifted tribal maxi skirt

A picture of edgy boheme. Studs, tribal paisley, denim vests – all seem to intermingle effortlessly spelling out an outfit perfect for the young at heart and carefree in spirit.

thrifted maxi skirt

The repetitive square ‘patchwork’ tribal print design on this maxi skirt sets the tone of the whole getup. The burgundy vintage bag matches the color of the skinny belt and a tied-up headband. A weather-appropriate look if you’re in humid Malaysia.

black and white tribal skirt by Forever 21

For the gals who want to keep it black and white minimalistic, cue on the look above. Paired with a studded high-neck top, the sheer monochrome tribal skirt gets to have all the focus fall onto itself. A bold red lipstick brings a needed jolt of color back into this getup.

DIY tribal print maxi skirt

A very visual ensemble that plays on the attention-grabbing tribal designs of the skirt as well as the top. The wide brown knitted belt seemed like a sore-eye at first, but after going over the look again, I can see how it can work. Almost similar to the style of the previous look, the monochromatic black and white does allow for this experimentation with chunky accessories.

For an easy to follow tribal skirt DIY tutorial, kindly check out Nichelle Not Michelle’s blog post here.

tribal maxi skirt by My Design

Sky blue tube teamed simply with the statement tribal skirt and tiered necklace completes this effectively girly look.

tribal printed skirt

Sky blue and earthy tones make for this vibrant look. Always count on a pop of spring-y color to brighten up just about any outfit. The bun hairstyle goes well with this pretty busy wardrobe thanks to its careless simplicity and the fact that it also lengthens the torso tastefully.

So, would you be inclined to go tribal for Raya 2013? Share below.

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