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Fashionista NOW: Tips On How To Wear The Peplum Blouse In Style

The peplum blouse is one of the standout styles of the year and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re wondering why this flared-at-the-hem tops manage to stay in the scene, then you haven’t really given these uber feminine blouses a chance or you’re just not sure how to wear them right.

Either way, you’ll be thrilled to find out that I’ve read your mind and have gathered a few tips on how you can wear the peplum blouse stylishly.

Are you ready?

  • You can’t mistake the trademark silhouette of the peplum blouse which comes with a flared hem. With this in mind, the most ideal and safest way to wear it is by teaming the top with a pencil skirt, shorts or a close fit denim pants.
  • No leggings are allowed to be paired with a short peplum blouse. In case you haven’t noticed: the crotch look is and will never be in.
  • For those blessed with height, you can wear a structured peplum blouse with something loose like the palazzo pants or a full skirt. The main thing is to make sure the peplum top you’re sporting is structured and has a mild flare.
  • For those who would like inches added by illusion, wear the peplum blouse with trousers that hug your legs and shoes that come in a color that blends with the primary color of the pants. Avoid strappy heels (unless they match your skin tone) as they can break up the length, further shortening whatever height you’ve got.
  • Choose the right peplum top for the right occasion. Neutral colored ones are best for formal/work wear. The glittery/color-friendly kinds are perfect for a night out.

I hope you’ll find these fashion tips helpful.

For more style pointers:

Check out the roundup of lookbookers below for a quick inspiration on how to wear the peplum blouse and look ridiculously good.

peplum blouse by ZARA

peplum top by Beginning Boutique

peplum hem top by He Doesn’t Know Why

knit peplum top by Artfitshop

peplum blouse by Forever 21

peplum blouse from eBay

peplum top by H&M

What do you think of these peplum themed looks? Do you see yourself wearing them? Which one is your favorite? Share below.

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