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Fashionista NOW: The Scarf Print Fashion Trend Alert

Scarf prints are a remix of paisleys, hatch marks and geometric forms that may come arranged in patchworks. They obviously resemble the prints seen on scarves, hence the name.

And they’re also reminiscent of the old chain link printed baroque inspired blouses and pants of your parents or grandparents’ era.

Now if you’ve recalled playing dress up with your mother’s old pair of loose pants that had gaudy golden chain prints and other loud patterns, you’d immediately think that the latest scarf print fashion is to be avoided lest it’s your goal in life to be the sight for sore eyes.

But hold on for a second..

The modern prints are delightfully subdued and less attention-seeking in nature. Although, they are quite ‘busy’ visually, the key to looking good in scarf prints is to make use of the most basic fashion basic rules.

Pair a scarf printed piece with a solid monochrome number and you’ll be pleased to notice how the combo can uplift your style level. Wear scarf print dress with minimal jewelry and heels in a solid color that matches the color theme of the dress.

Now, these types of prints may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s only natural or else we’d be seeing everyone donning the same trend like fashion robots.

If one scarf print blouse doesn’t look so well on you, try other options in other colors and designs. Don’t limit yourselves, ladies. The racks and online stores carry a variety of choices for a reason.

For some ideas on how to wear scarf prints, just scroll down quickly below. Have fun giving your wardrobe a fresh and chic fashionable twist.

What do you have to say about scarf prints? If you’ve got a thing for paisleys and the boho trend, this trend will be so easy to love. I think I’m loving it. What about you?

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