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Fashionista NOW: The Ripped Jeans Fashion Come Back

Hyped as one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2013, these ripped jeans have taken over wardrobes of the young and trendy.

Not sure why anyone would care for the holes-in-my-pants look but let’s find out some reasons as to why they’re kind of ‘in’ right now and why I personally have lump it into the fashion-i-loathe category along with chunky clunky heels and gaga short shorts.

I’ll be honest and admit that on some people, the ripped, distressed look may do them pure justice especially if they stick to subtly ripped ones. Gaping holes on your denim often detracts the attention away from the wearer, even if you’re Jessica Alba.

The Clutch Magazine stated that the summer style ripped jeans are chic, casual and carefree.

Another fashion blog by the name of e-Be Fashion declared that the shabby, frayed and torn jeans hot for the season of spring.

The Verge wrote that while some trends live on and others die out, the ripped jeans fall somewhere in the middle and can be seen as a signature style while others protest and consider it a fashion faux pas.

A popular YouTuber, AndreasChoice recently uploaded a DIY tutorial on distressing denim at home revealing mad skills and patience involved at getting the perfect frayed look. Tweezers, scissors and an instrument that looked like it belonged in the kitchen were used for the project, FYI.

Although I am inclined to enjoy all of Andrea’s DIYs, I find that extremely distressed denim with gaping holes just too distressing to slip on. What if my leg slips into the gaping hole instead? Wouldn’t that be awkward and annoying?

The reason as to why I loathe the holes-in-the-pants look are obvious just by looking at them heavily destroyed jeans.

So, instead of words, the pictures down below shall do the talking. Mind you, I only despise the distressed piece, the lookbookers and the rest of the garments they’re wearing are alright!

jeans – Never Denim

jeans – H&M

ripped boyfriend jeans

distressed boyfriend jeans with polka dots – ASOS

jeans – One Teaspoon

jeans – Zara

DIY distressed jeans – Levi’s

distressed denim skinny jeans – Hollister

Some celebs that had been spotted wearing the ripped jeans include the lovely Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars, Rihanna and the cute Selena Gomez, just to name a few.

Do I think they look amazing? Yes, but they’d look ten times better with intact denim.

So, what do you think of the ripped jeans trend? Love? Hate? Share your thoughts down below!


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