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Fashionista NOW: The Embroidered Button Pencil Skirt To Party In

The Embroidered Button Pencil Skirt To Party In

Ladies, your search for the perfectly stunning party-ready pencil skirt is over. You’re most welcome!

For many of us who are into pencil skirts, there are many of us who would like them to be ready made for a party and this skirt style is it. From the fitted silhouette to the magnificent embroidery all over the front, every detail speaks to the one who is ready to dazzle and sparkle as party season comes close.

Not only will you be smitten with the intricate embroidery, there is a button detail present on each front side of the skirt that can be worn as slits! Or you could choose to button them all up and still rock the pencil skirt right. There is a center back split to aid in easy movement while you strut your stuff but if you’re feeling a tad sassy, unwind a few of the front buttons for some real leg action.

With a party pencil skirt like this, you can wear all kinds of tops with it. Play it up with some sleeve drama or a shoulder flaunt in a blouse worn tucked in or cropped. Slip into a solid low-key chic top so the attention is all on the skirt. Whichever your approach is, you know the skirt is going to make your look POP.

Without further ado, here is the embroidered button pencil skirt style to wear this party season. Enjoy.


Blue Embroidered Button Pencil Skirt


| shop here


Red Embroidered Button Pencil Skirt


| shop here


Which party-ready pencil skirt is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know.

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