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Fashionista NOW: The Alluring Chiffon Dress Fashion Inspiration

Dresses that are made of chiffon are timeless and a favorite of those who love the appeal of thin and sheer floaty fabric. Made from silk, cotton, nylon, polyester or rayon, chiffon has a slight shimmer, a subtle weave and an altogether sheer appearance.

Today, it is embraced by many during the sunnier months as its soft and lightweight material is weather-appropriate. When you’re searching for chiffon dresses, the first important thing that you should do is have a look-and-feel of the fabric.

Silk chiffon dresses have a strong shimmer and a refined texture. And because silk is made from natural fiber, expect a higher prize tag compared to non-silk ones. Cotton chiffon dresses, on the other hand, have a more matted appearance.

Nowadays, most chiffon dresses and other forms of clothing are made using synthetic materials that are able to take in dye. This allows for a production of more pattern-filled color-friendly chiffon dresses that are thoroughly embraced by fashionistas this year.

Chiffon dresses, whether made with natural fibers or synthetic, are delicate. Special care must be taken with silk chiffon by only air-drying them. With synthetic ones, hand-washing with cold water is most recommended.

Before the introduction of nylon in 1938, chiffon was made exclusively of silk. Only those of high status and wealth could afford dresses made of chiffon, then.

Over time, chiffon was embraced globally. This year, trendy chiffon dresses carry the latest color and print trends in fashion. Expect floral prints and other bold abstract patterns to decorate modern chiffon dresses. For a classy appeal, choose a chiffon dress with soft earthy or even pastel-y monochromatic tones that will boost your elegance effortlessly.

For me, a chiffon dress is simply marvellously feminine. There’s something about its soft and sheer attributes that make me think of ethereal angel-wear.

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Are you keen on displaying your elegance with the alluring chiffon dress? Do you own a chiffon dress or two that you love? Share your thoughts below, angels.

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