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Fashionista NOW: Taking It One Print Style At A Time

Prints have always been a thing in fashion. Clothes would be a monochromatic bore if they don’t carry some interesting patterns.

Not that you’re obligated to wear patterned pieces all the time, but we can all appreciate that wearing a printed look some of the time does do wonders to our sense of style.

The year’s coming to an end and a lot has happened to most of us. Point of views have changed, some of us have grown wiser, others are humbled down and the rest still fashion-obsessed as ever. Life still goes on as long as we’re here.

So, why don’t we get our fashion spirit on and look at some of the most loved print trends that have us gone wild this year.

Heck, let’s end the year with a printed number! No, we’re not doing the print-on-print thing! Just a single type of print style at a time is the way to go.

Anyway, the first type of prints can be seen in the intro picture.

Chevron Prints

The chevron printed blouse worn by Lucy (intro image above) screams retro and the mix of blue and an almost magenta-ish colors is simply rad. And how can anyone not love the poofy shoulder details! If you’re a fan of geometric shapes, this zigzaggy trend will be your cup of tea.


Polka Dots

Polka dots are flirty and feminine. Camille teams her sheer dark blue with teal dotted blouse with a white skirt and white heels. This dotted trend shall never fade out of the fashion world as it’s one of the gentlest printed style that can be worn by just about any female regardless of age.

blouse by Equipment

Nautical Stripes

Stripes have been hyped up as the trend to watch for next year, according to Elle’s Spring 2013 Trend Report. Chesley’s nautical striped dress is a fashion statement by itself. No need to dump more prints on when you’re already wearing one that’s just chic and classic enough on its own.

dress by Sugarlips

Bird Prints

Bird prints are adorable, period. The avian-adorned kimono-esque blouse worn by Ian Chen brings a soft interest into her simple top-and-short combo.

Made popular on runways by designers, Carolina Herrera, Suno, Reed Krakoff, Jil Stuart and Marc Jacobs, this trend is one that’s seduced hearts of fashionable ladies across the globe.

Floral Prints

Another loved printed style is the floral kind. The floral trend is too insidious in fashion to ever go away. Just visit your local mall and count the number of fashionable grannies, middle-agers and young adults walking around in these feminine prints.

Year after year, women across the globe go nuts over floral printed clothing for the plain fact that they can wear them without looking like they’ve gone nuts. It is a safe print, sweet and feminine, says Society. On guys, these prints still attract a different kind of attention, sadly. Except if they’re on holidays or attending flamboyant events.

skirt by

Cat Prints

Cat prints are for cat ladies and blokes. For some reason, the feline print trend seen in clothing is gender-friendly. If you’re a fan of something whimsical and adorable, this print style can offer a touch of required unpredictability in your wardrobe.

dress worn as top by Nasty Gal

Heart Prints

Heart prints attract ladies with a romantic side and on Valentine’s day every year, you can bet that heart printed clothing and other stuff with hearts or shaped like hearts will win the hearts of those in love or just loving the fad.

top by H&M

Galaxy Prints

The prints of the cosmos have quite taken off this year. This print style is for those who fancy a sprinkle of magic in their wardrobe. And some perspective too, considering that we’re all merely a speck of dust in this giant multi-galactic observable universe.

top by Chic Nova

Watercolor Prints

Watercolor patterns on clothing are the sweetest of them all. Albeit that it can appear as though you’ve raided your granny’s wardrobe, you should know that the trick is to wear it in a way that highlights a modern fashion relevance to the print style. But don’t let that stop you from rocking the old-school style.

cardigan as top by Opinion

So, what do you think of the print styles mentioned above? Do you own every single of this printed patterns? Are you a print fanatic who can’t bear the thought of leaving the house without donning some printed piece? Share below, please.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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