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Fashionista NOW: Sweet Peplum Fashion Ideas For Raya 2013

With Ramadhan just around the corner, we telepathically sense the general mood of unrest amongst fashion-minded ladies as they busy themselves in daydreams about just what would they be wearing come Raya.

Worry not as we’re in the business to make it easier for you: We’ll be rounding up a few trending fashion ideas for Eid 2013.

The peplum trend kick-starts this fashion for Raya series. Aided by lookbook, I’ve selected a few peplum looks that can be used for your quick Raya fashion inspiration.

With baju kurung peplum becoming a fast-selling favorite across the country, I thought it would be also interesting to look at peplum blouses and dresses that can be easily incorporated into your Raya ensembles.

Begin, we shall:

black sleeveless peplum top by Zealotries

Keep it very black and conservative with a ruffly black peplum top paired with a pair of black wide-legged flowy pants. If you’re more comfortable with long sleeved peplum blouses, I’m sure there are limitless of choices to be found in our local boutiques, virtual and offline.

electric blue peplum lace dress by Love

To make a fashion statement with color and texture, electric blue lace dress will be an immediate scene-stealer. With a figure-flaunting dress like this, I’d suggest keeping it minimal on the jewelry end. But you can rebel and wear chunky colorful bling bling instead. Different strokes for different fashion-conscious folks.

lace peplum top by Pinkaholic

Lace peplum blouse in a cream shade is a perfect feminine piece that can be worn with a batik sarong. The cut of the peplum blouse is almost similar to the traditional kebaya that it can be utilized as a chic modern alternative. Mixing up the modern and retro elements is just the way to go as far as the current fashion zeitgeist dictates.

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lace peplum top by The Editor’s Market

Here’s another lace peplum top that’s without sleeves. Instead of shorts, you can switch it up by teaming it with a flowy fishtail maxi skirt which is also a trending garment most coveted by ladies this Raya.

green peplum top by Monashe

Green is the color of 2013 and green peplum blouses are most definitely IN. Keep it modern by pairing it with a flowy palazzo pants. Or throw on a batik maxi skirt to get that nice blend of contemporary and old-school nostalgia.

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white sleeveless peplum by Viktoria and Woods

White peplum blouses go with just about anything. If you’re into a casual Raya look, I’d suggest wearing them simply with a colored fitted denim. But if that’s too casual for your liking, wear a fishtail maxi skirt in a pastel shade. And if that’s too boring, make your grandma proud by wearing a batik sarong. Customize your look with dainty gold jewelry and you’re done!

peplum shirt by SammyDress

A peplum shirt in white is such a chic fashion staple that it should already be in every style-alert gal’s closet. It can be dressed up or down and if you’re a bit like me, you’d be happy to finish off with a pair of skinny jeans. On the other hand, a pencil skirt would be a dressier option.

red peplum top by SheInside

Wear a peplum top in red and you’ll be turning heads. Pair it with casual fitted pants or go the extra chic way with a pencil skirt and you’re ready to celebrate Raya in style.

What do you think of my peplum-oriented ensemble suggestions? Like it or not? What will you be wearing for Raya 2013? Share below!

If you’re located in Malaysia, find and shop for affordable peplum blouses and fishtail peplums here:

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