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Fashionista NOW: Summer High-Low Skirt Trend Inspiration

High-low skirts are great for summer styling. Their playful look along with a tad of tease and drama is just perfect for when the temperature spikes. Wanna know how to wear the asymmetrical skirt trend and look especially on trend under the sun?

Skirts with high-low hemlines make for marvelous transition piece into the warmer weather. Whether you like it or not at first glance, don’t let that premature judgement dictate your final say until you’ve slipped into it and experience yourself!

How to make high-low hems work for you this summer:

leopard print high low skirt – New York

Embrace your wild side with leopard printed mullet skirt. The bare midriff ripped top look may seem like an overkill for some but if you’re young, just err on the side of ‘YOLO’!

blue high low skirt – Forever 21

Remember that colors are forever ‘in’ for summer. Get your high-low skirts in your favorite hue and pair it with a printed bandeau.

pink high low skirt – United Citizens

Slouchy at the top, asymmetrical down below – perfect for a windy summer. The grey cardigan lends a casual vibe to the more glamorous pink skirt. Socks with heels? Only if you’ve got really cold feet!

polka dotted high low skirt – Forever 21

If you’re feeling extra girly, slip on a polka dotted mullet skirt. Pair it with a casual grey shirt. Bring a dash of vibrant color through your footwear. For waist-definition, cinch it up with a skinny belt in black that doesn’t compete for attention. Stain your lips a bright flirty pink shade and you’re ready, summer lady!

aqua high low skirt – MM Couture

For those who want to take it up a notch, choose a high-low skirt with a very dramatic length difference between the front and the back. Show your love for the trend, by going high-low on high low through the combination of a skirt and top that carries the trend.

pleated high low skirt – United Citizen

Shine bright like the burning summer sun by pairing a bold reddish tangerine mullet skirt with an equally hot red top.

Pay attention to the front-to-back hem length difference. While those with longer legs are usually able to pull off the more dramatic length difference, ladies with shorter legs may want to select a high-low style with a moderate length difference making sure that the front hem stops at your knee.

So, what do you think? Does the high-low trend make it into your summer fashion list? Drop your thoughts below.

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