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Fashionista NOW: Studs As Accents ~ Let’s Get Studded

Studded clothing and accessories have been more than just IN fashion, they’re everywhere and their presence has the power to elevate any type of outfit into something glitzy, edgy and fun. Want to learn how to accent your outfits with studs?

Being a lover of studded things, I’ve found out that it’s easy to go stud-crazy in the company of studs laying around and an industrial-strength glue just within reach. Before you know it, you’ve studded everything from that old plain and listless tee to the dusty lamp shade!

Why should I tear a hole in my tiny wallet when I can customize anything and everything to my own delight and totally save money right?

Studs are selling like hot fried bananas in the craft stores that it’s insane if we’re not going to use this to our advantage.

So please, if you can DIY, do that instead! If your response is ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!‘, then please do go ahead and find some time or someone to DIY stuff for you. Make sure to pay said person even if he/she says it’s free.

Ramble aside, this post is about how to wear studded things as accents and update your wardrobe with a modern and edgy swag. Yup, I just used the word ‘swag’. Without further ado:

studded shoulder bag – Romwe

Never underestimate the power of a studded bag. Accessorizing with studs is akin to ornamenting your whole look with a touch of sparkle.

Instead of jewelry, you let the studded bag act as the bling bling. And if the bag has a long gold chain, that’s even more perfect. Skip on jewelry completely. Or wear one chunky ring and that’s more than enough.

An excellent DIY video that shows how to stud the bottom of your bag/purse by Wendy the owner of Chiclipgloss.

studded sandals – Zara

If you’re simply too stud-crazy, kick it up a notch by teaming a studded bralet with a swingy mint skirt. Finish off with studded sandals.

studded baseball cap – 2020ave

The season of hats are upon us. And if you opt to stylize your wardrobe with a studded baseball cap, you’ve just gain some serious style points! Sporty and edgy in one look, ooh I seethe in envy!

Notice the glitz doesn’t just end there? You can accent further with a spiky bangle and let the chain from your bag peek through for added glitz.

studded tweed blazer – Romwe

Studs aren’t just for casual/sporty wear. You can bet that they can be a part of a uber chic look. Miss Mayo keeps it ladylike by layering a studded tweed outerwear over a polka dot dress. Cap toe booties complete her striking look.

Notice that you sure don’t need too many studs going on to sport the studded fashion trend? Now isn’t that just fun?

studded rottweiler tee – Choies

Moving on to a more casual interpretation, wearing a studded tee like this one (above) is another way to give the studded trend a spin. It’s not too much that it takes center stage. The camo jacket and the rottweiler stand out as it’s meant to be.

Miss Willabelle loads it up with bangles, rings and a spiky necklace.

studded backpack – The Editor’s Market

Studs are a great accent to any dark and broody look. The studded backpack offsets the darkness of an all-black outfit while the lace peek-a-boo sleeves provides further visual interest. Jewelry is not needed here.

studded boots – DeeZee

Here’s another fun and casual look to easily accent with studs. This time, studded booties perfected this very laid-back ensemble. You can see how the presence of a studded footwear completely transforms this super relaxed look.

Are you ready to accent your look with studded things? Which one of these looks reignite a new appreciation for stud-inspired wear? Share all of your thoughts below!

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