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Fashionista NOW: Stand Out & Proud With Statement-Making Printed Pants

Wearing printed pants can be the easiest way to add a flash of style into your wardrobe. Instead of overloading on prints, this time, we choose to stay within the basic rules of fashion.

It can be a challenge to bring about a balance that is much needed for a tasteful and classy wardrobe when it comes to sporting prints. Some of us may get a little too carried away by piling printed pieces that the end result may look as though we’d played dress up in the dark.

While fashion models and celebs get to flaunt themselves in freakishly loud print on print ensembles, in bold color palettes with dizzying patterns, we pride ourselves in keeping it grounded by taking a little bit of a hot trend and making it wearable.

The best and safest way to carry off a look with statement-making printed pants is to pair them with a solid colored top. Not everyone is able to pull off a print on print look. But almost anyone can wear a printed pair of trousers or leggings with a solid colored complementary top.

If you’re looking to give your wardrobe a little fashion lift without looking like you’re trying too hard, do give statement-making printed pants a try.

Take a cue from these stylish fashion darlings on how to wear printed pants without committing a crime of print overload.

What are your thoughts about bold printed pants? Do they appear too visually ‘loud’ for your taste? Do you think you can pull off a look with printed trousers? Comment below.

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