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Fashionista NOW: Spooky Inspiration ~ Halloween Looks To Creep You Out

Halloween is when morbidity becomes socially acceptable, and if you’re a crazy Halloweener that’s still haunted by the spooky party you’ve attended late at night, here are some awesome creepilicious lookbooks just for you cheeky monster-wannabe!

Nobody likes to be spooked by supernatural entities that go bump in the night when it comes right down to the reality of it, unless you’re a ghostbuster or perhaps a ghost whisperer?

Someone who can see invisible spirits may be deemed mentally disturbed but I know of a pretty sane person who is cursed (or blessed) by the ability to see the unseen.

According to this spirit-seer, the novelty of seeing ghosts wears off really quickly after years of seeing them everywhere ever since he was a kid. These beings come to lounge about in his hall and even pace around his bedroom that they’re more of a rude annoyance than anything.

Call them by whatever name you like, but the fact that they linger about exactly the way their human counterparts do truly takes the ‘creepy’ factor away. In the end, the ‘ghost,’ ‘monster’ or ‘ghoul’ that fascinates us the most are actually people. The least scary are people pretending to be one, especially during Halloween.

Halloween’s over but if you’re thinking of extending the celebration way into November (or next year), then by all means take a dive into the lookbooks below. Hype up any looks you like!

Dear reader: How have your Halloween been? Did you take part in the quest of spooking up your friends, family and neighbors? Any creepy stories to share? Drop them all for free in the comments below!

So, which of these Halloween looks get your skin crawling the most?

PS: Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate!

“O God! what a thing it is to be a ghost, cowering and shivering in an altered world, a prey to apprehension and despair!” Ambrose Bierce, The Moonlit Road and Other Ghost and Horror Stories

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