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Fashionista NOW: Skirt With Leggings Fashion Trend

One trend that is recycling back into the fashion scene of late is the pairing of leggings with short skirts.

According to a local fashion spy, ladies have started to pair opaque neutral or colored leggings with a simple neutral short skirt while some go for the wilder quirkier infamous print on print combo.

This trend has a young history that reaches back to the 1960s, starting with a tight-version of ankle-length capri leggings worn with a chunky belt, high heels or ballet flats. By the 1980s, nylon-lycra exercise/dance type of leggings had made its way into street style fashion.

Soon, wearing leggings with skirt became a thing following the influence of the movie Flashdance and a Broadway show ‘A Chorus Line’. Miniskirts with leggings started to go mainstream. By the early 1990s, in the United States alone, sales of leggings were higher than that of jeans.

In 2005, leggings broke into ‘high fashion’ and up to this day, it isn’t hard to notice that this legwear trend isn’t about to zoom off anywhere. In Malaysia, the trend stays relevant along with the craze associated with colored skinny jeans.

Leggings are never pants in a way that you can’t just pair it with a crop top or waist-length blouse without showcasing your protruding posterior to the entire world. Unfortunately some folks are completely oblivious to this fact. No one wants to see every little detail of your bottom, please.

So, if you’re nuts over leggings and may have casually team it with a short top that doesn’t cover your rear, I’d humbly suggest throwing on a skirt (short or up to your knee) over them to avoid getting the ticket from the angry fashion police.

Remember to work with your natural figure and don’t force yourself to follow a trend just because everyone’s posting it on freakin’ instagram or some other social media that you follow.

Short skirts are cool if you’re confident about showing off your stems. Leggings actually accentuate every little curvature of your legs so if you’d to add inches back to your height, avoid printed skirts/leggings altogether as they can make you appear larger and shorter.

Never wear leggings with skirts in a professional setting unless you’re in the creative industry. The pairing exudes chill-out vibe that is perfect for a rendezvous with your friends and is never to be worn for an interview for an office job unless your aim is to stay unemployed.

Check out how you can rock the skirt with leggings fashion trend via the selected looks below:

skirt by Salvation Army | black leggings

skirt by American Apparel | leggings by Winners

skirt by Bershka

skirt-like shorts by Silence and Noise | leggings by H&M

skirt and leggings by H&M

skirt and leggings by American Apparel

skirt and blue leggings

leggings with skirt by Pinx

Are you still on the leggings bandwagon or have you left the trend back years before? Share your thoughts down below!

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