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Fashionista NOW: Romantic Twirly Tulle Skirt Fashion Inspiration

Tulle skirts have hit the streets and the trend is keen on extending its reign in the fashion scene.

We’ve all noticed how tulle skirts (and dresses) have become more wearable as the trend is made casual by celebrities.

Before, tulle is often seen decorating wedding gowns, veils and ballet tutus. Now, everyone gets to sport them, resulting in a mixture of casual slash romantic chic whimsical ensembles.

I will admit that tulle makes me think of cotton candies, ballerinas and barbie dolls.

Black tulle skirts are best worn on gothic days when our inner dark side begs to be let out. It’s nothing, though, compared to tulle skirts and dresses in the shade of creamy bright pastels. Some days, the sight of them inspires an intense cheese cake craving in me.

The creamier in tone and ruffly-er they are in texture, the more romantic we feel, right? I’m still talking about the tulle skirts, so stay with me..

Tulle skirts with pleats and a longer hemline also whisper chic elegance in such ease that they put other skirts of non-tulle fabric to shame. Except for chiffon and organza, of course.

Often compared with organza, tulle actually comes with a distinct wider weave with more open spaces, and it holds up better than the latter. Organza, being finer in texture is soft to the touch. It also hangs/drapes down your silhouette.

The rougher the texture of the tulle, the more it holds up, giving your skirt a more poofy appearance.

If you’re looking for romantic skirt fashion ideas, we advice you to give tulle skirts a try. Below are a roundup of tulle-loving fashionistas.

What do you think of the tulle skirt trend? Which one of these would you wear? And how would you wear them? Please share your thoughts down below.

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