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Fashionista NOW: Robes Rouge ~ The Qipao & Cheongsam Fashionista

The mainstream youth fashion culture may be all about skinny jeans and mass-produced tees but we’ll do the honor by bringing you the rare ones out by showcasing the style of a young lady from China who has a rare passion for wearing the qipao and cheongsam.

Robes Rouge, a 24 year-old fashion enthusiast has her lookbook plastered with images of her wearing a marvelous selection of Chinese traditional dresses.

If you’re looking for something gloriously feminine yet out of the modern fashion box, you’re going to just adore these dresses.

Youth culture is kind of predictable in their intense revolt against whatever is the conservative fashion zeitgeist of their parents’ yet Miss Rouge is proud of her Chinese fashion tradition that she brings it into the modern fashion spotlight.

Read on to find out more about the qipao-obsessed fashionista.

Tell us something unique and interesting about yourself.

My name is Robes Rouge, a Chinese girl and a huge qipao fan, who happens to be a model for a Qipao online shop.

I believe, to quote Coco Chanel, a women should be two things: Fabulous and Classy.

Qipao has brought me so much not only in terms of looking good, having an elegant attitude towards life and appreciation of beauty through traditional Chinese fashion but also beautiful love.

I met the love of my life at an event while I was dressed in a blue qipao gown. It may sound cheesy but we fell in love at first glance. Before we got married, I’d asked him the reason why he fell for me on that day and he told me that it was the combination of my personality and the qipao gown that did it.

Presently, I own 23 pieces of qipao dresses and being a model for a qipao shop allows me the opportunity to wear loads of qipao dresses without having to own them.

On the day of my wedding, I had worn a red qipao gown and you could say that I was the happiest girl in the world and I still am.

Which is your favorite traditional dress; qipao or cheongsam?

I would say that both are wonderful because each one gives off a different kind of elegance. But my favorite would be the qipao with phoenix embroidery and silk materials.

If you’re a fan of qipao and cheongsam, please follow Miss Rouge on her blog which you can find here and hype her up on lookbook.

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