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Fashionista NOW: Quirky Rabbit Prints Fashion Inspiration

Animal prints need not be leopard of zebra all the time. Pick tamer ones like rabbit prints for a quirky look that is adorable than out-there foxy.

Bunnies (in print and design) have been making a presence in children clothing of both genders. This animal print is one that can be appreciated by both genders without incurring strange looks. The male’s bunny symbol carried in certain brands present a lifestyle of a bloke who has the adoration of numerous ladies.

The bunny symbol seen in women’s clothing can present very child-like and innocent appeal of the fairer sex. Let’s not forget that a woman playing dressed up as a bunny may showcase a thoroughly opposite effect; sexy and sultry.

In the fashion scene of the young and fashionable, the prominent loved look of rabbit prints and patterns is to cater to a style that is big on quirkiness.

Below is a roundup of lookbookers in their rabbit suits, oops I mean prints and a pair of rabbit-inspired shoes. If quirky isn’t the word to describe these looks, I don’t know what else is.

rabbit tshirt DIY

rabbit print midi

rabbit shirt by Ianywear

rabbit chunky knit sweater

peter pan collar rabbit shirt by H&M

shoes by Le Bunny Bleu

bunny skirt by Topshop

What do you think of bunny printed clothing? Share below. We’d love to hear!

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