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Fashionista NOW: Pastel Raya 2014 Fashion Inspiration

How to wear pastel hues for Hari Raya 2014?

Nurita Harith and Mimpikita both showcased sweet pastel hues in their Raya Collections back in 2012 while Zery Zamry stretched his design boundaries with his Raya 2012 collection in classic black and white palette.

This year, Zery Zamry takes the pastel route by incorporating the lightest shades of pinks and purples into his delicate and feminine collection aptly titled Pastel Raya consisting of baju kurung modern, kurung Pahang, blouses and long skirts that can be mixed and matched.

Pastel Raya

Zery Zamry’s Raya collection celebrates the womanly form by highlighting it via his figure-accentuating construction of tops while maintaining the flowiness or ‘movement’ in the design of long skirts.

Another fashion figure to celebrate and empower women with his recently-released Raya collection titled Wanita Berkuasa (Malay for ‘women with power’) is Bernard Chandran. His use of vibrant tones, color blocks and art-inspired digital motifs stand in contrast to the barely-there hues of Zery Zamry’s Raya 2014 collection.

For those keen on sporting the pastel color palette for Raya but can’t afford to splurge on the designer labels, we recommend styling it up along the economical lines through mixing and matching tops, skirts and pants for the occasion.

Getting dressed up can be done affordably and if you live and breathe fashion, the fun lies in getting the right pieces to work to the rhythm of your unique style preference.

Scour our the fashion imagery below along with our fashion tips on how to wear pastel colors for Raya this season without breaking the bank:

midi full skirt with sheer paneling – Asos

The modern day’s style inclination sees the mix of boxy tops and full midi skirts.

Take the opportunity to showcase your inner fashion queen by teaming contemporary pieces in neutral shades of white, cream and nude with a touch of pastel. Instead of a plain old pastel skirt, select one with a sheer paneling to indulge in the unexpected design.

For a dressy look, shoes make or break it. White heels with dainty straps seal off the demure impact of this party-worthy ensemble that will make friends and family nod in awe of your skilled dressing.

pastel pink ruched blouse – Fashion Q

Pastel pinks turn you gooey inside. While it’s great to be clad in traditional wear during the first day of Hari Raya, it is inevitable that you will want to break out in something a little casual but still wonderfully polished.

The combination of a pastel pink blouse with a cropped length and a ruched detailing with plain white skinny jeans made dressier with the right choice of footwear is not only easily coordinated as it is ultimately chic in an understated sort of way.

Take it up a notch by blinging it up with a statement pearl necklace. Your grandfolks will weep as they affirm your taste in fashion this Raya, no kidding.

Lita heels may be swapped with something less harmful to your feet but for fashion photography, all bets are off.

pastel cropped pants

Another way to spruce up your Eid outfit is to mix and match trends to your heart’s delight. Remember, it need not cost a dime. Hit the local boutiques for dupes of your favorite trends. A pair of pastel cropped pants can be worn with a top embellished with crochet lace accent.

Instead of the obligatory heels, be a rebel and wear made-for-walking slip on shoes in a mellow color and print styling. Balance out the casual footwear with a gorgeous hairdo featuring relaxed curls.

pastel mix blouse – Cubus

Instead of one solid pastel hue, pick up an airy blouse rendered in a mix of pastel colors. Pair it up with a light wash blue jeans and a pair of nude heels with ankle straps. Wear the blouse half tucked in and your hair swept to one side to expose one cute ear.

For more ways to dress up in pastels this Eid, look below:

Perfectly Pastel

collared dress in pastel pink – John Lewis

The Country Pastel

cotton t-shirt – Mango

Untitled #259

pink chiffon button maxi skirt – River Island

Ladies, do you plan to go all-out with pastel hues this Hari Raya? What is your favorite pastel colors? Share below and let us know!

“Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!”Vivienne Westwood

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