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Fashionista NOW: Oriental Floral Chic For CNY 2014 Fashion Inspiration

Wear floral prints with an oriental spin loud and proud this Chinese New Year.

Floral prints come by a mad variety. To find oriental-inspired floral motif is super easy if you know what you’re looking for.

Opt for patterns of flowers infused with Chinese elements such as the use of bold bright blooms in earthy natural shades and watercolor/paintwork print styling.

But of course, it would be alternatively great if you choose to wear modern blossoms in other un-earthy shades and abstract interpretations. The key here is to get a floral print style that looks supremely fabulous on your figure. The rest is purely indulgence, yes?

Although wearing a completely black/white garb to celebrate the Chinese New Year isn’t recommended, you can get away by making the two non-colors the background feature instead.

A burst of floral patterns in a white or black contrasting background on a blouse, for example is perfectly alright, unless you’re a seriously hardcore Feng Shui follower.

Or if your grandma has set a serious rule that all must be in red, OR…you will be banned from taking part in family photo shoot sessions. Grannies before fashion, eh peeps?

Anyway, here’s a roundup of modern floral looks with a dash of Oriental flavor to help you get in the mood to dress up for CNY 2014:

white denim floral dress – Chicwish

floral dress – VJ-Style

floral wrap style dress – Nasty Gal

floral print blouse – Sheinside

floral two-piece

floral top – My Klozet

floral biker jacket and skirt – Chicwish

floral corduroy overalls – KissinCussin

So, will you inject a dose of oriental floral into your Chinese New Year’s outfit? If so, share with us how you would go about organizing your CNY party wear by commenting down below.

“Fabrics doesn’t make exquisite dresses, it is the stitches.”Treasure Stitches

Still not sure what to wear for CNY 2014?

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