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Fashionista NOW: Optical Illusions in Fashion ~ Geometric Prints

Bold geometric patterns are one of the coveted print styles for welcoming Spring 2013.

While floral, animal and pastel prints have been predictable trends hyped up to transition into the cheery state of the fashion seasons, seeing geometric prints making a break into the fashion scene is refreshing as it marks a grand return of a nostalgic retro trend of years past.

The geometric style seen on clothing is purposefully dramatic as it reinvents simple forms by obsessively repeating (and distorting) shapes like squares, triangles, circles, zigzags, stripes and diamonds. Besides being showcased in the typical black and white color palette, expect colorful variations ready to steal the hearts of fashionistas who just can’t wait for summer to peek around the corner.

I personally think that wearing geometric prints is fun and particularly easy once you’ve already decided on the printed piece to wear. The next step is to dress the rest of our outfit with the goal of complementing the main focal point which is the already-chosen geometric patterns.

Whether you’re a fan of matching prints or clashing them with other patterns, there’s no end to how you’d best organize the whole look. Either way, just make sure to work with clothing of simple clean-cut silhouettes and you’d be good to go.

According to Elle Magazine SA, the best geometric piece to invest is a cozy geometric knit top/tunic and the easiest way to sport it is by pairing it with trousers, a skirt or a pair of denims. This is a fail-proof way of pulling off the look for those who aren’t too keen about matching or clashing prints.

For a look at how lookbookers are carrying off the optical illusion trend, check out below:

Optical Prism Effect

printed shorts by Romwe

Sharp Graphic Lines

Repeated Patterning

dress by BCBG

vintage blouse

cardigan by H&M

skirt by Runway Dreams

Fractured Geometric Prints

scarf by H&M

geometric top by Op Shop

What do you think of graphic geometric prints? Are you a fan of wearing something that will make onlookers fall into a dizzying spell? Or do you think this is just too hazardous to sport even for fun? Share below, please.

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